Eureka Sunrise targets cutting edge Environmental & Technology products globally


Eureka Sunrise target product ranges

'marketing innovation for the future'

Our target ranges focus on food and beverage, health and beauty, smart city and environmental solutions and technology driven products. If you have any queries or would like your product distributed through us please contact

frequently asked questions 

how does eureka sunrise select its products?

Eureka Sunrise hand picks every product to ensure that they pass all of our requirements, including innovation, future focused and brand reputation. We will only deliver promote and delivery market leading products to our global market.

how do we order your products?

To order any of the Eureka Sunrise products, simply send us and email or contact us directly via email and we can arrange pricing, carton quantities and product specification sheets for your review. We can deal with any commercial quantities at the customers request. 

how do we become a distributor?

If you are a reputable distributor located outside of Australia we would be interested in hearing from you to discuss any future opportunities. Eureka Sunrise has connections all around the globe for distributing product but are always interested in expanding distribution worldwide.

where are your products sourced from?

Our products are sourced from all regions around the world. We are known to only deal with reputable companies and this reflects on the quality of our products.

have any other questions? 

If you have any other questions please feel free to email them to