Eureka Sunrise International Conference

Eureka Sunrise on behalf of Eureka International Group was proud to present the first Eureka International Conference of 2018. Staff from our international offices in Spain, Ireland, Turkey and the Philippines joined for an international strategic sales and marketing conference. At this conference they attended the ‘Opalia’ property launch in Melton, Agricultural seminars, and a trip to Sydney to meet with Austrade and also our invested interstate companies.

Royal Express - Strategic Agreement

Eureka International Group (EIG) and Royal Express Pty Ltd have signed a strategic alliance which combines the power of major logistics businesses based in Hebei and Melbourne to create an end to end supply chain for the growing trade with Australia’s number one trade partner. Royal Express is an agile, fast moving logistics player which has differentiated itself by deploying the latest logistics technology in their state of the art facility. This includes Artificial Intelligence systems - emulated from one of their major supply partners in Alibaba – which allows traceability of cargo from pick up to destination transmitted to customers in real time.

The scale of the alliance is also breath-taking with EIG and Royal Express collectively providing 276,000 sqm of space at their respective bonded warehouses in Xinji and Melbourne. Both are in strategic locations with the Royal Express warehouse adjacent to Melbourne International Airport whilst the Xinji bonded warehouse is a major center of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (BTH) industrial triangle which facilitates global trade across China and the rest of the world.

Star Combo - Strategic Agreement

Eureka Sunrise is pleased to announce a 'Strategic Agreement' with Sydney pharmaceutical company 'Star Combo'. Star Combo is a leading distributor and manufacturer of premium health and natural beauty products. Based in Sydney, their products are distributed to both local Australians and to overseas markets. Directed by pharmacists and experts in health supplement manufacturing, Star Combos vision is to curate health products made from natural ingredients with scientific R&D and manufacturing practices. We have 100% operation by Australians.Since its establishment in 2004. We look forward to being a part of this journey into the future. 

Eureka Sunrise - Host Farm 2017

Eureka Sunrise is proud to announce that construction has commenced for our luxury host farm being built on the Morning Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. This will contain state of the art facilities and also present a centre piece to the Australian promotion of our products available. Guests will be surrounded by Australian Flora & Fauna for an unmatched experience. 

FHC China - Shanghai

Eureka Sunrise is proud to announce that it will be attending FHC China in Shanghai with it's own booth in the Australian Pavilion. We will be displaying our full range as well as some new product lines that we are very excited about. If you are a buyer or distributor who is interested in having a meeting with us whilst in Shanghai please contact